Upload Art

ZeppelinArt welcomes all artwork, from pressed silver releases to fan created art. Take a minute to review your collection and pass along anything missing on ZeppelinArt. Upgrades of existing art is also welcome and often needed.

Select files then click the Upload button. Images (.gif, .jpg, .png) will be automatically displayed. Limit 5MB per file. Please provide your name and email address so I can thank you or contact you with questions. Your email won't be shared with anyone.




Alternatively you can email images. Click here for email information. For extremely large uploads a private FTP account can be arranged. Email me for details.


Upload Hints

JPG format is preferred for all images, 150dpi or higher if possible. There is no need to modify file size or resolution since images are optimized for posting. In fact the higher resolution you can provide the better. File types are limited to jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif and pdf.


Thanks for supporting ZeppelinArt!


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