Search Tips

1.  Searching folder names will be faster and yield the best results (image names are not consistent).

2.  Searching by date, city, label or title will yield the best folder results.

3.  Full or partial search strings will be matched.  Wildcards and boolean parameters (and, or, not) are not supported.

4.  Use single key word searches when possible.  Searching "eddie" will yield more matches then "listen to this eddie."

5.  If searching for date use yyyy-mm-dd format.

6.  Folder links lead to the thumbnail browser; image links lead to the image viewer.

7.  To cancel searching use the browser stop button.

8.  Be patient.  The search engine is crawling through an extremely large folder structure.  Occasionally, searches will fail because of server load.  If this occurs, try again during non-peak hours (servers are located in the US eastern time zone.)