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Art Wanted List Restored

June 15, 2014

Art Wanted list reposted. View here. Also, I've pulled availability of Release 4 of the Master Archive. All this is part of my plan to issue Release 5 in 2015. It will have been 6 years since R4, so it's time. Before then, I would like to obtain as much missing artwork as possible, especially releases from the last 2-3 years. Empress, Wendy, Tarantura are among the labels with a large number of missing covers.

Bug Fixes

May 29, 2014

Search, download and zip functions restored. Plus other minor issues finally solved. Some errors were related to changes on my host server, such as deletion of the zip component. Some errors were just sloppy coding :)

New Art Posted

May 26, 2014

New art posted. View update list. Thanks to all contributors. Special thanks to Ulrich T. in Germany for sharing his "Fuckin Great" CDR label. Very nicely put together artwork!

New Art Posted

May 4, 2013

New art posted. View update list. Thanks to all contributors.

New Art Posted

Sept 20, 2012

New art posted. View update list. Thanks to all contributors.

New Art Posted

January 31, 2012

New art posted. View update list. Maybe the quietest period I can recall for artwork. Special thanks to Steven P. for a number of upgrades.

New Art Posted, New Folder Navigation Arrows

July 10, 2011

New art posted. View update list. New folder navigation arrows added to Folder Browser. Look for Up/Previous/Back arrows in the top right corner of the Browser table. The arrows will help make moving between folders easier. A note about the navigation arrows: The script logic looks at the parent folder based on your existing location to determine the Up/Previous/Back location. Previous/Back arrows will recurse through any subfolders first before moving to the previous/next parent folder. The Up arrow jumps you immediately to the parent level. Comments and ideas welcome.

New Art Posted

May 21, 2011

New art posted, including a large number of vinyl images from the collection of Brian Dupont. View update list.

Zip Downloading Restored

March 1, 2011

Zip downloading of cover art has been restored.

Host Transfer Complete

February 17, 2011

Transfer to new host complete. A few compromises were necessary but overall site speed seems much improved. The primary feature loss was zip downloading. The new host doesn't have a separate zip component for Windows servers available. Options are being explored. On the positive side a new, improved upload tool was implemented that eliminates the weaknesses of Java apps. Visit the Upload page for more information about Filechucker. Email me with any issues on these changes or any other ZeppelinArt topic.

New Art Posted

December 12, 2010

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. Happy holidays!

New Art Posted

September 8, 2010

New art posted. Thanks to the artists and contributors at Visit their web site for full resolution images from dozens of past and current artists. Request a cover for a small membership fee. Includes resources and tools to start making your own professional style artwork. Very useful website. View update list.

New Art Posted

May 23, 2010

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors with special kudos to bostonbro for updates to the Godfatherecords catalog. View update list.

New Art Posted

February 15, 2010

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

December 12, 2009

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

September 5, 2009

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

May 20, 2009

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

April 11, 2009

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

Master Archive R4 Released

February 21, 2009

Three years after R3, Release 4 is available for shipping. It includes nearly 12,000 images and is 57% larger than R3. R4 ships in a slimline DVD case with cover art ready for your collection. Learn More. Thanks to everyone's contributions over the years. This site would not exist without the fans.

New Art Posted, Quick New Art Search

January 11, 2009

Happy new year!! After many months of delay new art postings have finally been completed. View update list. It was a challenging 2008 on many fronts, that's for certain. Let's all hope that 2009 brings renewed happiness and much success. A new feature has also been implemented that allows a quick search of new art postings (within 60 days). The link is available on the left navigation bar or you can click here. Finally, work has begun on compiling Master Archives Release 4. Thanks for everyone's patience who has inquired about its availability. A firm target release date has not been established but check back often.

Zip Downloads, New Art Posted

August 30, 2008

Zip downloads now available. Zip images into one file instead of downloading individual images. The zip archive is created on the fly then deleted once your download is complete. Please note: Zip downloads are only available at the image level; only the images are zipped for download. Zipping an entire folder and subfolders is not possible. To access the zip feature click on the link at the bottom of the image browser. Go to this page for an example and scroll down to the bottom of the images zip example. New art also posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

July 13, 2008

New art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

Mailing List Suspended

June 29, 2008

Read here for details. Mailing List Questions.

New Art Posted

April 9, 2008

New art posted, including more artwork for the O2 reunion show and several missing Winston Remasters covers. View update list.

New Art Posted, Vinyl Archive Added

January 27, 2008

New art posted, including artwork for the monumental reunion show at the O2 Arena. View update list. ZeppelinArt is also proud to announce the first ever vinyl art archive. Thanks to the efforts of AA at the Led Zeppelin Database for his coordination efforts. The artwork is from the collections of Stefan Wolf, George Berberian, Steve Sharpe, among others. Thanks guys! Browse Vinyl Art

New Comments & Feedback Page

December 21, 2007

Share your comments or feedback about ZeppelinArt using the new comments tool. Script provided by JS-Kit. Leave Comments

New Art Posted

December 15, 2007

New Art posted, including the O2 reunion. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted

October 8, 2007

New Art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View update list.

New Art Posted, New Features

August 11, 2007

New Art posted. Thanks to all contributors. View complete list on the Updates page. Other new features:

* Convenient image scaling feature in the View Image window. Large images now fit your screen dynamically and the amount of scaling is reported. You can optionally view the full size image by selecting the View Full Size link below each image (automatic browser scaling must be disabled). View more information in the Help link below each image.
* "Copy URL to Clipboard" link has been added in the browser window. Very handy for grabbing the long image URL's for pasting into emails. This feature works in Internet Explorer only.

Feedback or questions always welcome.

New Art Posted

May 21, 2007

New Art posted. View update list. Apologies for delays but my Vista upgrade was less than smooth, to say the least. The art wanted list has also been updated to reflect recent releases, as listed by Fisheads.

New Features Available

March 18, 2007

As promised implementation of enhanced searching has been completed. You can now select your search method: Folder or File. Folder searching remains the most useful method in my opinion. File naming is not consistent; therefore, you may not get the expected search results. Maybe more exciting is the implementation of forward/back arrows in the image viewer. This provides a type of "slideshow" effect and allows you to view full size images without closing the image viewer each time. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

New Art Posted, Announcing

March 13, 2007

It's been a very busy few months but new art has finally been posted. View update list. Thanks for all contributors. A new, sister web site has also been rolled out named In response to several requests over the years, I am using the site to make public the basic gallery script used on ZeppelinArt. The freeware script is named "ASP Folder Gallery" to simply describe the scripting language and purpose: a dynamic, folder-oriented image gallery. Pretty boring, right? Several enhancements were made to the design...enhancements I haven't yet incorporated into ZeppelinArt. These include folder or file name searching and "slideshow" previous/next buttons within the image viewer. I will add these features to ZeppelinArt in the near future. The script is written in pure ASP with no outside components required. All you need is a Windows host with .NET enabled. Give it a try but remember my coding abilities are, at best, equal to "Web Design For Dummies." Tech support will be limited. Finally....I'm glad to finally bring the URL back into the Zeppelin family. It was a finalist (probably my top choice) when I was naming ZeppelinArt way back when. Sadly, the URL was being used for someone's daily diary and poem blog. The poetry was pretty dark, if I recall, as was the diary. I think she was suffering from severe self-esteem issues and writer's block. She finally moved on and it was time to "Bring It On Home." Looking forward to any comments. Randy

New Art Posted, New No Graphics Option

January 11, 2007

New Art posted, including EVSD's new Whiskey A Go-Go release from 1969. New "no grapics" option now available for those who prefer a white background. See Style Switcher on the home page for more information. View a list of updates here.

New Art Posted

November 18, 2006

New titles posted, including several new EVSD releases and Cosmic Energy's Assemblage DVD. Thanks to all contributors. View a list of updates here.

New Mailing List and Upload Tool

October 9, 2006

Mailing list has been converted to the open source Pommo software. Thanks to everyone who tolerated my testing. You can access the mailing list from here to modify your subscription or unsubscribe.

The default Upload Art applet has been changed (yet again). I don't know why it's so hard to find a reasonably stable upload tool, but this one seems to be bug free. It uses FTP for transfers which may help explain the improved stability. The only drawback is the lack of automatic admin notification. Therefore, upon successful upload, it is programmed to redirect to a simple (optional) email form. The upload tool is named Upload Cart from UnlimitedFTP. Features include image previews and batch uploads. Read more about uploading, plus see other tools placed in the graveyard here.

New Date Format, New Art Posted

September 21, 2006

Date formatting throughout the web site has been changed to the more universally accepted "yyyy/mm/dd" format. This should eliminate confusion when looking at a date like 05/11/03 (prior format was mm/dd/yy). The update was rather tedious, so let me know if you find errors. New art has also been posted. See the list here. Thanks for the contributions.

New Art Posted

August 26, 2006

New titles posted, including several new EVSD and Beelzebub titles, plus some nice CDR covers. Thanks to all contributors. View a list of updates here.

Announcing the New ZeppelinArt

June 30, 2006

ZeppelinArt gets a facelift. The heart of the site, the art browser, remains the same. The cosmetics get a touchup with some inspiration from the classic Oakland '77 Day On The Green poster by Randy Tuten. Graphics & layout by Ducati Web Design

New Art Added

April 29, 2006

New art uploads are (finally) complete, including EVSD's "Snow Jobs" and many, many Robert Plant titles. Thanks to all contributors as ZeppelinArt passes its 4th anniversary online.

New Upload Tools, New Art

March 12, 2006

Improved upload tool now online. The existing upload form was very buggy and inconsistent. I tested a half dozen different tools and, frankly, none of them were exactly what I was looking for. The one that came closest is a Java applet called JUpload ( For now, it is the default upload tool. But rather than throw out the other tools, I've made them available on the Uploading Art page ( On the page you'll find a few comments, limitations and pros and cons about each tool. Give them a test drive and let me know what you think.

A quick "heads up" about Java applets. A recent version of Java needs to be installed on your machine. Go to for the latest update. The applets also require that you accept a security certificate when loading. The good news about Java applets is that should be cross-browser compatible and offer more feature flexibility, such as batch uploads. For instance, JUpload allows drag and drop and folder recursion. This means you can select and entire folder and any images in the folder will be queued for upload.

One other note. If the upload tool doesn't ask for your name and email address I won't be automatically notified when you upload. Please email me separately so I can give appropriate thanks. (The JUpload applet does have these form features).

New art is also available. Take a look at Special thanks to Brian I. and Rick N. for submitting new art and many, many upgrades. Thanks guys! Don't hesitate to let me know what's on your mind.

Minor Site Upgrades

February 09, 2006

Several minor enhancements have been added to ZeppelinArt. 1) Visually appealing icons have been added in the browse and search pages.
2) Search function modified to list folders only. Files have been eliminated from the search since they added little value (no consistent naming) and cluttered up the results. Search speed is slightly faster.
3) Site Map added to help certain users access site content, such as WebTV users. Access the map on the left navigation frame.
4) Other minor cleanup and visual enhancements, including certain background coloring and link hovering (red underline).

Your feedback is always welcome.

Master Archive R3 Now Shipping!

February 01, 2006

Master Archive Release 3 has finally been completed and is now shipping. Release 3 is 33% larger, containing 4GB of art and more than 9,000 images. It contains several new features and has its own artwork. Read more about this significant new upgrade by clicking on the Master Archive navigation link.

If you are curious a comprehensive list of new art contained in R3 is available using the Updates navigation link. Then click on the Release 3 Updates link. Art was being added through mid-January so you might want to take a look.

The only other nifty update is on the License Plate page where actual license plate graphics have been incorporated. Check it out by clicking on the Extras navigation link and selecting License Plates.

Thanks for your patience and support. Let me know if any questions or comments.

New Art, Archives Release 3

January 03, 2006

Happy holidays to Zeppelin fans around the world. It was an eventful 2005 on the web site. Many new features were added and a tremendous amount of new art uploaded. Hackers also tried to stop the party several times, but fortunately little damage was done. All we can do is try to stay a step ahead!

More new art has been added over the last couple of months. Thanks goes to Gary Davies for sending me a copy of the "Block DVD Coverart". This provided many new video covers and several upgrades. Refer to the Updates page for a complete list of additions.

Work on Master Archives Volume III is progressing. I added a new printer with CD/DVD printing capability so the discs will have a more professional look. Jewel case covers will also be available for the first time. Jon Hathaway is preparing original art for the project. Thanks Jon. I hope to have everything ready within the next several weeks. Apologies to those who are patiently waiting! Besides Jon's art, I also want to post some final art, most notably several label releases that are being scanned by Phil Bushe. The titles are some long missing Tarantura 2000 and Akashic covers that deserve to be on Volume III. Thanks Phil.

That's it for now. Don't hesitate to email with any questions or comments. Happy 2006!

New Art / Master Archives Update

October 29, 2005

Several newsworthy items:
(1) New art posted. See Updates link for text list.
(2) Master Archives Release 3 planning has started. Tentative issue date is January 2006. Please submit all remaining art by December 31, 2005 for inclusion in this release.
(3) New list of Zeppelin-related license plate ideas added. See Extras/License Plates.

Ongoing thanks to everyone who supports this web site.

New Art Posted

September 29, 2005

See text listing under Updates. Includes several long missing titles and many new releases, including the current Plant tour. Thanks to all contributors.

New Art Posted

September 02, 2005

New art posted, including several new "label" releases from EVSD, Wendy, Badgeholders as well as some nice CDR art from fans. The new Plant tour is well represented. Thanks to all contributors. To see text list of new art please click the Updates/Art Additions link on the navigation bar.

Recovery From Hack

August 03, 2005

ZeppelinArt was breiefly interrupted by the StacoM defacing hack on August 2. The hack targets insecure Access database files. In this case, it was this very news archive database. After some research the database is now properly secured and the site is now running at 100% again. Although I lost news posts from the last month, there appears to be no long term damage and I've learned a valuable lesson.

Lost news items were primarily about site updates, such as upload procedures and new "save" and "view" buttons in the art browser. And of course new art was added. Don't hesitate to email me if you have questions or encounter further problems.

Thumbnails Are Here!

June 22, 2005

Enjoy faster browsing with real on-the-fly image thumbnails. After much hair pulling (and I don't have much to lose) this long overdue feature has finally been implemented. The only drawback is that each image must be opened separately for saving purposes. Right-clicking on a thumbnail to "Save As" will only save a very low resolution image. A small trade off for the speed increase. Let me know what you think or if you encounter any problems.

New Art Posted

June 04, 2005

Thanks again to Steve Kurasch for digging out some more rare, long missing titles. ZeppelinArt is more complete than ever before. Visit the updates page to see a text list.

File Uploading Changed

May 31, 2005

Due to recent suspicious activity in the Uploads folder, uploading procedures have been changed effective immediately. This activity opened ZeppelinArt to potential hacking. Fortunately, no harm appears to have been done; however, my friendly, open door policies must be strengthened. The primary changes are:
- Direct server uploads using the Upload Form are restricted to valid images (jpg, gif, bmp, png).
- FTP access is only available upon private request.

The good news is that I've implemented new upload code called Pure ASP Upload. This allows improved functionality while enhancing security. Features include image preview, upload descriptions, sending multiple images and a progress bar. There is a 10MB limit per image batch but this is typically not an issue. It is actually pretty slick (IMHO) so give it a try next time you are uploading. For convenience, a link to the upload form has been added to the main navigation panel. Or visit the Submit Art page at Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding. And look for more new art in the near future!

And Yet More New Art...

May 15, 2005

Ongoing thanks to Steve Kurasch for contributing many long forgotten titles. And thanks to Rick Newsome for a large batch of new titles. More to come...

More New Art

May 05, 2005

Finally caught up all art posting, at least temporarily! View the Updates page for a complete list. Many rare, long missing titles added.

New Art Posted

May 02, 2005

I haven't dropped off the planet, in case you wondered. I've been moving over the last weeks (months?) and haven't had much time. But that hasn't stopped the new art rolling in. Special thanks goes to Steve Kurasch. He's graciously dug back into his extensive collection and filled in a lot of blanks, particularly the long missing Tarantura titles. The Art Wanted list is getting much shorter.

Conversely, the updates list is very long this time....and I'm not even done. There's more I haven't posted yet :) I'll keep working feverishly until it's complete. Visit the updates list at Visit the Art Wanted list at

New Look! New Features!

March 11, 2005

After many hours of hard work, ZeppelinArt has a new look. My goal was to create a cleaner, more consistent interface while adding several useful features. These include:

* News - The lengthy "What's New" box is replaced by a real News database. Brief introductions are shown on the homepage and past archives are just one click away.

*Mailing List - A long overdue feature that can keep you informed about web site updates. The list is "low-volume" and, of course, private. I manually added about 75 persons for the charter email that went out only minutes ago. But I know I left out many supporters and friends of the site. Sadly, I haven't been too diligent keeping my address book up to date. You will find a Mailing List box prominently displayed on every ZeppelinArt page. Take a minute and join.

*Email Form - Provide feedback, ask questions directly from the web site.

The new interface has been fully tested on all major Windows browsers, including IE, Opera, Firefox and Netscape. (The newest releases were tested; problems may be encountered with older versions. I was unable to test on Mac.)

And of course new art has been added! Use the Updates button on the navigation menu to view. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

New Art

February 18, 2005

The updates keep-a-rollin'. Visit the Updates page to view list of additions. FYI, I will be moving over the next few months. Your patience is appreciated, because I'm sure I will lose mine.

New Art

January 22, 2005

Many exciting updates have been sent to me in the last week, including several long missing Tarantura titles. Thanks for all submissions. Visit the Updates page to view list of additions.

New Art

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year! Updates have been a little delayed due to holidays and a much needed vacation. Thanks for all submissions. Visit the Updates page to view list of additions.

New Art

November 11, 2004

Visit the Updates page to view text list.

New Art

October 2, 2004

Visit the Updates page to view text list. New link to my 1965 Mustang restoration added.

New Art

August 22, 2004

Visit the Updates page to view text list. It's been a busy summer so I was a little slow getting these done. A '65 Mustang restoration has taken most of my attention. Hope to have pictures in the near future. (Link added above).  Also made a few coding changes to enhance rendering performance. The slowness wasn't my host after all; just some coding problems. Let me know if any ongoing problems.

New Art

July 5, 2004

Happy 4th of July! New art posted, including many new videos. Visit the Updates page to view text list.

New Art

June 23, 2004

New art posted. Visit the Updates page to view text list. The Art Wanted page has also been significantly updated. Several weeks were spent scouring various sources, most notably Duncan Watson's Bootleg database (thanks Duncan). If all this art could be located, ZeppelinArt would easily have 99% of all Zeppelin bootlegs ever released. I estimate there have been more than 1,350 CD releases over the years. And they keep on comin'. Finally, I've received feedback about the slow speed of ZeppelinArt. Bottom line: It's my new host. I'm exploring several options and hope to have this resolved in the near future. Your patience is appreciated -- literally and figuratively :) Have a great July 4th!

New Art

May 18, 2004

New art posted. Visit the Updates page to view text list.

New Art

May 5, 2004

Added links to all cross reference and information boxes. A long overdue item off my to-do list. For an example of how this functions go to the famous April 1, 1971 BBC performance and scroll down below the artwork links.

New Art

April 4, 2004

New art posted. Visit the Updates page to view text list. Image file names have been updated to replace spaces with underscores. This eliminates "%20" characters when downloading. A minor issue but annoying nonetheless.

New Art

March 21, 2004

New art posted. Visit the Updates page to view text list.

New Art

February 25, 2004

New art posted. Visit the Updates page to view text list.

Host Update

February 11, 2004

Host transfer is about complete. Propagation to new name servers is beginning. I have noticed a slightly slower page rendering time on the new host. A minor trade off for the added storage space. All site functionality is the same with the exception of the Contact/Submit Art page. With the new host I am able to provide more upload options, including direct FTP access and a reliable web based upload tool (using ASPUpload). Thanks for your patience and continued support during this process.


January 25, 2004

ZeppelinArt is moving to a different host to provide more disc space and allow other minor enhancements. The transition will occur over the next few weeks and may result in downtime or other errors. Your patience and continued support is appreciated.

New Art

January 17, 2004

Master Archives Release 2 finalized. Visit the Donation page for information. New art posted, go to Updates to view text list.

New Art

December 17, 2003

New art posted, including most of the Gusto catalog. Thanks to Chris Gusto for his creativity over the years. Go to Updates to view text list. New Led Zeppelin Lyrics page now available. Design is similar to the Collector's Guide with expandable table of contents. Feedback always welcome. Have a great holiday season!!

New Art

November 23, 2003

More new art posted. Go to Updates to view text list. New Collector's Guide now available. Designed primarily for beginners, but a handy resource for all.

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