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Loose Ends (No Label) Track Information

1. I've Got A Secret
2. You Better Run
3. Long Time Coming
4. Our Song
5. Laughin', Cryin', Laughin'
6. Everybody's Gonna Say

In mid 1966 Plant was offered a recording contract while gigging around Birmingham/England. He left for London, and later that year recorded these six songs with backup provided by studio musicians. Young Rascals tune, the second was co-written by Plant. Both were released as a single by the fictional group Listen in late 1966 and was a commercial flop. The remaining tracks were released as two Robert Plant solo singles, in March and September 1967, and again went nowhere. As Robert Plant says: "The only copies ever sold were the ones me mum bought." After garnering few sales Plant returned to Birmingham to re-form the Band of Joy with John Bonham, a springboard for what was to become Led Zeppelin.

7. Hey Joe
8. For What Is Worth
9. Got To Find My Baby
Band of Joy 1968
The best ever "Hey Joe" version. The stronger Robert Plant's voice on its top. Three unknown songs of the history of rock.

10. Operator
Recorded in 1968 and featured on the 1972 released Alexis Korner-Sampler "Bootleg him", which also containes rare tunes with Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Charlie Watts, Paul Rodgers, C.C.S., ... Written and performed by Alexis Korner (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Robert Plant (Vocals and Harmonica) and Steve Miller ( Piano). Re-released on the following three CD-Samplers: "Voice Of Blues" , "Alexis Korner And Friends 1961-'72" , "The Very Best Of 25 Years British Blues" (1993)

11. Steal Away
Probably from the same session at De Lane Lea Studios, London (September 1968) at which "Operator" was recorded. First released on the Alexis Korner-Album "On the move" (1996). Written and performed by Alexis Korner (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals), Robert Plant (Vocals and Harmonica) and Steve Miller (Piano).

12. Little Sister
From "Concerts for the people of Kampuchea"(1981). Rockpile with Robert Plant.

13. Far Post
First released in the UK as a B-Side on the first post-Zep Robert Plant solo single (12") "Burning Down One Side" in 1982. Also featured on the "White Nights" Soundtrack in 1985. Phil Collins plays the drums.

14. Don't Look Back
Face B 1990. B-side 1990

15. Philadelphia Baby
From the "Porky's Revenge!" Soundtrack (1985). Performed by the Crawling King Snakes (Robert Plant, Paul Martinez, Phil Collins with Dave Edmunds).

16. Let's Have A Party
Released on the Elvis Presley -Tribute Sampler "The last temptation of Elvis" in 1990.

17. One Love
18. Oompah (Watery Bint)
B-Sides from the 5"-Maxi-Single "Hurting Kind" (1990).
There's also a shaped 10"-Picture-Single with "I cried" as B-Side (UK).

19. Walking Towards Paradise
B-Side from "Heaven knows"-7" and 12" (1988).
P.S.: ...also on the regular CD "Now and Zen" (inevitable vinyl-junkie fault)

20. Wearing and tearing
Live Track recorded at the Silver Clef award winners'show at Knebworth, june 30th 1990, With Jimmy Page.

1. Louie, Louie
From the " Wayne's World 2" Soundtrack (1993).

2. If It's Really Got To Be This Way
From the 1995 Sampler "Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander".

3. Coulour Of A Shade
Fate of nations track.

4. Naked If I Want To
5. 8.05
Fate of nations non album tracks. From the french "Calling to you" maxi CD single.

6. Hey Jayne
7. Great Spirit (Acoustic)
8. 21 Years
9. Dark Moon
10. Whole Lotta Love (You Need Love)
B-Sides from 5"-Maxi-Single "I believe" (1993).
There is also a very beautiful 12"-Picture-Single with same track list (UK).

11. Down By The Seaside
Robert Plant & Tori Amos.
From the 1995 Led Zeppelin -Tribute Sampler "Encomium".

12. Little Hands
From More Oar tribute album 1999.

13. The Only One
Appears on the 1988 Jimmy Page solo album "Outrider".

14. Wah Wah
No Quarter 1995 track

15. Rude World
Robert Plant & Jimmy Page.
From "The Inner Flame" (1997). A Rainer Ptacek Tribute.
Also contains "21 Years" which was first released as a B-Side of the "29 Palms" single.

16. The Window
17. Whiskey From The Glass
Walking into Clarksdale non album tracks 1998

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