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Jimmy Page & Friends
Jimmy Page & More Friends

Venue Correction
This was provided by Dan Vollmer:
In all of the"Jimmy Page and More Friends" and "Jimmy Page and Friends" the tracks of the Beach Boys w/ guest Guitarist Jimmy Page were on the National Mall in Washington DC not Philadephia. It was the first time I hadever seen Page in person. I watched his helicopter land backstage, saw him get out ,get handed his Les Paul and walk onstage to stand infront of what I think is still considered the largest gatherings of human beings in recorded history. I think the Nation Capitol Police made an estimation from their helicopters of 850,000 people covering the Mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. Other special guests w/ the Beach Boys were Chris Kristofferson, Joan Jett, and believe it or not Mr T on drums. That's right, Jimmy Page jammed w/ Mr T! Thanks Dan!