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inglewood (no label)

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itll be me (tdolz)

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sundazed (silver rarities)

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take the high road (dadgad)

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1977-06-26 Los Angeles Cross References
Compilations Complete 1977 LA Forum Tapes (Empress Valley) [18 disc set of all 6 LA shows]
Compilations Power & Glory (TDOLZ) [20 disc set of all 6 LA shows]
Compilations Week For Badgeholders (Tarantura) includes all 6 shows as listed below:
   1977-06-21 Out On The Tiles
   1977-06-22 Over The Hills And Far Away
   1977-06-23 Good Night Moonlight
   1977-06-25 Badge Holder's Annual Meeting
   1977-06-26 That's Alright
   1977-06-27 The Legend Of The End

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