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baton rouge (no label)

508.8 KB

battle of baton rouge (empress valley)

510.5 KB

blaze (immigrant)

479.2 KB

bon soir baton rouge (capricorn)

355.1 KB

freeze (tarantura)

336.5 KB

freeze reissue (tarantura)

461.0 KB

hang on to your heads (tdolz)

1.0 MB

jimmy lori robert audrey (no label)

219.1 KB

just another fucking tape (no label)

1.1 MB

led astray (silver rarities)

356.1 KB

rampaging cajun (eelgrass)

1.9 MB

rampaging cajun (empress valley)

1.9 MB

rampaging cajun (no label1)

670.7 KB

rampaging cajun (no label2)

1.6 MB

1975-02-28 New Orleans Cross References
Compilations Mad Dogs Box (Mad Dogs)

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