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check it out (antrabata)

381.3 KB

chicago 1973 (lz)

297.7 KB

chicago stadium (no label)

1.2 MB

dazed and confused (chapter one)

456.1 KB

hookin and jabbin (gema)

1.4 MB

johnny kidd and the pirates (punjonian)

596.7 KB

johnny kidd and the pirates (scorpio)

5.0 MB

magical mystery tape (tarantura)

514.7 KB

no need to be fighting (no label)

1.9 MB

not quiet on the midwestern front (flying disc)

438.4 KB

rockin in chicago (moonlight)

208.9 KB

round and round (ghost)

511.1 KB

round and round (no label)

378.9 KB

second city showdown (midas touch)

448.1 KB

shakin all over (triangle)

396.5 KB

sliced and diced (no label)

534.5 KB

soundcheck (no label)

420.6 KB

sweet dreams (empress valley)

530.3 KB

sweet dreams ltd edition (empress valley)

529.5 KB

windy city adventure (wendy)

1.5 MB

1973-07-06 Chicago Information
Several labels list the source of the famous soundcheck performance as 1975-01-17 Minneapolis. Luis Rey comments that it is the inclusion of several Physical Grafitti tracks that led to the original "misattribution."

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