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burn like a candle (empress valley)

591.8 KB

burn like a candle (ev 2nd version)

289.8 KB

burn like a candle (genuine masters)

312.4 KB

burn like a candle (smoking pig)

475.9 KB

burn like a candle (tarantura 2000)

3.1 MB

burn that candle (equinox)

454.1 KB

closer to god (no label)

160.2 KB

la forum (cobra)

207.9 KB

la forum (no label)

245.9 KB

night at the heartbreak hotel (missing link)

461.6 KB

silently ravaging america (whole lotta live)

739.0 KB

we love lesbians (no label)

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1972-06-25 Los Angeles Cross References
1972-06-22 Route 66 (Tarantura)
Compilations Welcome Back (Godfather) box set includes all 3 shows as listed below:
   1972-06-22 Berdu
   1972-06-25 Night at the Heartbreak Hotel
   1972-06-27 Wild Beach Party

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