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acoustically (tdolz)

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austrailian tour part 1 (black cat)

1.1 MB

count me out when its hot (cobra)

502.7 KB

downunder daze (image quality)

475.1 KB

kooyong stadium gets rocked (flamingo)

893.6 KB

kooyong tennis courts (fuckin great)

3.6 MB

lets have that party (genuine master)

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masters and colonials (lz trees)

326.8 KB

melbourne (no label)

315.4 KB

melbourne 1972 (no label)

495.9 KB

melbourne 72 (no label)

727.5 KB

melbourne boogie (no label)

279.6 KB

melbourne masters (immigrant)

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the wet head is dead (empress valley)

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1972-02-20 Melbourne Cross References
1972-02-19 Shivers 'n' Shakes (Red Hot)
Compilations Thunder Down Under (Equinox)

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