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in a daze (keep out)

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jennings farm blues (siae)

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live from the midnight sun (tdolz)

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live in toronto (gusto)

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maple leaf (baby face)

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maple leaf gardens (empress valley)

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maple leaf gardens (fuckin great)

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maple leaf gardens (graf zeppelin)

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maple leaf gardens (no label)

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maple leaf gold (empress valley)

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midsummer night dream (wendy)

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taking toronto by strategy (no label)

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toronto 1971 (no label)

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touch and go (antrabata)

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zeptember 4th (liquid led)

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1971-09-04 Toronto Cross References
1970-03-21 We're Gonna Groove (Grand Pick)
1970-03-21 Frame By Frame (American Concert Series)
1971-09-09 Hampton From Your Palm (Wendy)
Compilations Unauthorised Black Dog Vol 2 (Banana)
Compilations Zoso's Back to Rock 'N Roll (Oh Boy)
Outtakes Jennings Farm Blues (Scorpio)
Outtakes Farmhouse Blues (Blue Kangaroo)