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at the beeb 1971 (cuttlefish)

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bbc (arm)

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bbc (no label)

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bbc 1971 (moonchild)

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bbc 1971 japanese broadcast (no label)

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bbc archives (scorpio)

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bbc in concert (forever standard)

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bbc in concert (no label)

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bbc session 1971 (no label)

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bbc zep (antrabata)

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bbc zep (genuine masters)

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bbc zep (tarantura)

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classics off the air vol 3 (neutral zone)

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communication breakdown (great dane)

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going to california (alegra)

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heartbreaker (triangle)

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identification required (men at work)

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in concert (liverpool)

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live at the paris theatre (black panther)

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live in london (sidewalk)

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live performances (best underground)

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london calling (liquid led)

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paris theatre (no label)

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return to paris theatre (scorpio)

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return to the clubs (no label)

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satisfaction (ndm)

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stairway to heaven (cobra)

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stairway to heaven (living legend)

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thank you its complete (discurios)

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thats the way (alegra)

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ultimate bbc collection (home)

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westwood one (no label)

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1971-04-01 London Paris Theatre Information
Famous BBC performance and famous misdating. Many releases have reported this show as March 25. However, research has confirmed the April 1 date. (Lewis & Pallett report the March 25 show was actually cancelled due to Plant's voice problems.) All improperly dated artwork has been moved to this correct date.

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