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best of 1969 tour (forever standard)

485.4 KB

dont mess with texas (oh boy)

420.3 KB

electric magic over dallas (dinopower)

393.5 KB

eyes big crowd (tarantura 2000)

6.6 MB

houston blues (alternative edge)

1.1 MB

live fbo tree (no label)

320.4 KB

plays pure blues (live storm)

477.4 KB

plays pure blues (no label)

375.9 KB

plays pure blues (whoopy cat 2004)

505.2 KB

plays pure blues (whoopy cat)

348.5 KB

plays pure bob (tarantura)

319.5 KB

texas blues (godfather)

3.1 MB

texas intl pop festival (fuckin great)

3.9 MB

texas intl pop festival (liquid led)

782.8 KB

texas intl pop festival (no label)

884.2 KB

texas intl pop festival (tcolz)

2.6 MB

texas intl pop festival dvd-a (empress valley)

1.1 MB

texas pop (genuine masters)

395.0 KB

texas pop festival (last stand)

227.1 KB

texas pop festival (oh boy)

520.1 KB

the only way to fly (empress valley)

383.3 KB

you shook me (oil well)

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1969-08-31 Dallas Cross References
Compilations Tales From The Riverside (Luna)
Compilations Unauthorised Whole Lotta Love Vol 4 (Banana)

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