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avocado club (empress valley)

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blues explosion (empress valley)

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grahams superb vol 1 (image quality)

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london blues (no label)

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psychedelic ballroom (tarantura)

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psychedelic explosion (tdolz)

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smokestack lightning (black swan)

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winterland (no label)

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winterland ballroom (dadgad)

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winterland ballroom 1969 day 2 (no label)

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young hurricane (ocean sound)

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1969-04-26 San Francisco Date Information
Early vinyl releases often attributed certain tracks from this Winterland performance to the London Marquee in October 1968. These vinyl titles included "Led Zeppelin's First Concert as the New Yardbirds" and "Yardbirds Reform for the Marquee". Research by Godwin and others have corrected this error.