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black beauty (wendy)

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blues anytime (empress valley)

286.5 KB

conquering california (dinopower)

214.1 KB

cracker jack blues (jelly roll)

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dancing avocado (godfather)

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dancing avocado (small fish)

244.0 KB

dancing avocado deluxe (graf zeppelin)

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dancing avocado supreme (graf zeppelin)

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dancing avocado supreme (small fish)

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fillmore 69 (house of elrond)

722.9 KB

fillmore delight (liquid led)

313.2 KB

fillmore west (last stand)

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fillmore west (no label)

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fillmore west 4.24.69 (no label)

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fillmore west 69 (no label)

293.8 KB

fillmore west 69 (scorpio)

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in your living room (no label)

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listen to the difference (empress valley)

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san francisco 69 (aulica)

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whos country joe (flying disc)

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whos country joe (no label)

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1969-04-24 San Francisco Cross References
1969-01-11 Early Ramshackle Days (Beelzebub)
1969-04-27 Fillmore West (Aulica)
1969-04-27 Go West Young Man (Scorpio)
Compilations More Than Something Else (Aulica)
Compilations Shenandoah (Aulica)
Compilations Shenandoah (Missing In Action)
Compilations Psychedelic Raw Blues (Immigrant)