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birth of the gods (balboa)

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early ramshackle days (beelzebub)

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fillmore west (no label)

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fillmore west (no label2)

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fillmore west 1969 (wendy)

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fillmore west 19690111 (wendy)

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hang about (liquid led)

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listen to this luis (bobs led)

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pb plus (wild card)

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psycho a go go (led note)

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shonen zep (akashic)

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streets of san francisco (no label)

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1969-01-11 San Francisco Cross References
1969-01-10 Whole Lotta For Your Love(Pirate)
1969-01-26 Fillmore East (Mud Dogs)
1971-09-09 Hampton Kicks (House of Elrond)
Compilations Anybody Got a Les Paul? (Equinox)
Compilations Fresh Garbage (Scorpio)
Compilations How Many More Years (Empress Valley)